12 Musings for the New Year

As the holidays approached with a beautiful full moon I decided to wade slowly into blogging once again but started with a 12 days of Christmas posting to my Facebook Page. Many people have enjoyed my 12 posts which began December 25th and Ended with a reflection on Epiphany January 6th so I hope this year you feel love, have good health and know true joy!

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Gifting the Grieving

Grieving is different for everyone. Although there are identifiable stages to grief the journey through these stages is not linear and there isn’t a definitive time line. Try and meet your friend or loved one where they are: be present with them in the moment. Always reach out with love and care and with questions. It is always a good practice to ask clarifying questions without pressure, but with sincere concern.

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Divorce lawyers, attorneys and mediators. Lend me your ears. I come to bury your insensitivity – not to praise you!

Not everyone can be a lawyer but not everyone can [...]

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