Change, Change, Change…Can we stop with all the changes?

As I notice the full moon casting beautiful shadows onto the white blanket of snow I notice as each moment passes and the moon moves the shadows change continuously as they eventually disappear only to arrive again when the moon visits after the sun has faded. I love the quiet of the snow covered night, extra quiet, but this too will change as spring arrives and nature awakens once again. Yes every moment that passes, change happens. 

“The Only Constant in Life Is Change.”- Heraclitus

Shadow of change!

A year ago the world changed in ways none of us could imagine.  We needed to separate, we needed to care about others and we needed to find a way to be in the world that will forever be changed.  The pandemic has caused the world to shift, to think and to change. Every person has had to face changes in their lives, many of which were loss, loss of a person, loss of a job, loss of security, loss of routine and so on. 

What have you lost in the past year?  

I want to turn this question around and talk about what I have gained. I have gained a new perspective on the world and how I fit into it.  I have been reminded that each day we have together is a gift and that every moment spent sharing your story or your experience has a ripple effect through time. 

As you know from a past post Michael and I were the caregivers to my Aunt, from March to October of 2020. Being a caregiver warps time, and relationships.  I gained a new understanding of my Aunt and her life story and how her 89 years of life have formed the person she is today. She is my mom’s older sister which gave me new insights into my mom and a fresh understanding of my relationship to both of them. Spending time just being with my Aunt at times was the best! I spent many hours on the floor next to her bed while she was bed bound and eventually she was able to get out of bed and do more for herself and in an odd way I miss my time with her.  She is better and back on her own and I find myself just missing having someone else in our home to spend time with and talk with.  Both my mom and aunt live independently and the phone is not always the best way of having  a conversation.  I have truly treasured every story and every conversation I had with each of them over the past year.  

One surprising awareness I gained is that food is to fuel the body and not critical to social interaction. That may sound a little funny as it does to me as well, but growing up everytime we gathered with family it was with a “feast”.  When I grew up and had my own home whenever I would invite people over I believed (and I loved) I needed to make great food and feed whoever came over to visit.  Well with zoom, social distancing and not being comfortable going to restaurants I have discovered that I can get together with friends and not cook, or feed them and still feel the warmth and love of true friends.   Don’t get me wrong the minute I can hold another dinner party I will and I will create a stunning tablescape and amazing food but that is because I realized this is a creative outlet for me not because it is essential to socialize with friends but because I love it. 

By the way baby giggles are as amusing over video chat as in person, but I miss letting children wonder and just watch them explore a new place.  The video call is still very limiting and I miss smiling at children as I pass them and playing with the little ones in my life.  Michael and I have had a difficult time putting play time back into our lives and we hope to make that conscious change as well. 

I encourage you to reflect on the insights you have gained through this time of change and find ways of creating joy and positivity everyday for yourself and others.  It is truly a choice to frame the changes you experienced as positives or if not positive at least try and find a lesson or new understanding you gained because of the change.

Spring is around the corner and I know I am looking forward to the changes vaccinations will bring!

This blog was inspired by the Arapohoe Libraries September 9, 2020 post here is the link:,in%20control%20of%20our%20lives.

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