Gifting the Grieving

With December being here there are so many reasons to give people gifts so I hope over the next few weeks to give you some gift giving ideas for special people in your life.

Today I want to focus on those who may have lost someone they love this year, someone with whom they once celebrated the holidays.  How do you show care for them, respect the grief that they are sure to feel and express the love and care in your heart for them and their life.

First and foremost, show that you care.
Inviting your friend or loved one to parties, gatherings, outings and such is important, they will let you know if they are up to being with others, and want to socialize.  Remember that they might need people to touch base with them and invite them for coffee or to go shopping, not just to large gatherings.

Grieving is different for everyone.  Although there are identifiable stages to grief the journey through these stages is not linear and there isn’t a definitive time line.  Try and meet your friend or loved one where they are: be present with them in the moment. Always reach out with love and care and with questions.  It is always a good practice to ask clarifying questions without pressure, but with sincere concern.

Let’s get to some tangible gift ideas. You have observed their grief and their loss so you may want to help them by giving them an inspirational book or a book that might help them cope with this joyous time of year.  As you may know we carry a variety of books on grief, from Grieving at Christmastime; Grieving Mindfully; to a simple book of 100 hugs.  Words of love and care are always appreciated.  You may want to give a message of comfort and warmth.  A simple blanket or shawl for them to wrap themselves in with a message of love can be so meaningful.  Adult coloring books are very popular now, they can be used as a meditative tool or just a way to occupy one’s mind in a colorful way. Drawing or journaling can be a great comfort to those who are grieving and there are many beautiful journals out for both writing and drawing.

The gift of a favorite memory that you have of the loved one that was lost is a unique beautiful and meaningful gift. A story with a photo framed or just tucked in the envelope with your memory can be very moving and appreciated.

The bottom line is gift, or reach out, from a place of care, kindness and love, if you do that I am sure you will be greeted with gratitude.

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