Keeping your chin up when your sales are down

by: Caroline Cheshire

How do you stay positive when your orders are down?   Firstly, you count your blessings that you are still in business at all.  Then you give yourself a quick shot of  reality before you spiral into a depression.  1) I’m doing what I LOVE!  2) It’s nothing personal 3) Make the most of this ‘down’ time to reorganize, re-write business and marketing plans and do ALL those things that you just never have time to do.   We’re implementing a more accurate shipping system – which means weighing EVERY product we sell.  We would never have had the time to do that before people tightened their belts.    We’re putting up a fabulous new web site in the Fall.  A new web site with new features is a LOT of work.  Then there’s ‘Twitter’ (so what IS that?) and I know I should be putting up a ‘Blog’.   This ‘down’ time is like a gift in a way.    Your success’ might not be marked by dollars during a recession, so change the way you judge them.  By the way, I don’t feel that way every day.  But I have to MAKE myself  feel that every day.  It’s going to come back.  We know it is.  Just hang in, and use this time efficiently and positively.  PS  If you have done all of the above exercises – then you and your staff – give your spare time to someone else – like the local food pantry.  Remember what goes around comes around…

PS  Today’s success – is my first blog!

Keep your chin up!

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