Music for change, transition and healing

When you talk about ‘healing music’ my mind immediately goes to running water, nature sounds, drums, or some sort of spacey ‘out there’ CD. But I’ve come across something that is so special that I have to share it with you. It’s a CD called Graceful Passages. It was originally developed for people facing serious illness and even the prospect of dying. It was created to bring beauty and dignity to our endings. As a hospice volunteer I have seen it bring peace at the end! But for those reading who aren’t sick or caring for someone near life’s end, it is great just for relaxation, contemplation and meditation. Some piano, some guitar, a little Native American.. it’s relaxing and makes you feel at peace. The second CD is a collection of spoken word messages from celebrated spiritual thinkers from a variety of traditions. Wehter Lew Epstein, Thich Nhat Hanh, or Elisabeth Kubler-Ross. “Birth, entering into intimacy, illness, loss of loved ones, dying – all lead us to our most vulnerable self. Regardless of background faith, ethnicity, or belief system, we are all subject to the challenges that accompany change”.   “The words and music of Graceful Passages provide support for anyone, whatever transition he or she may be facing, to contemplate what is most deeply valuable”.   “It guides you to examine what matters most, transforming fear and pain in to a pathway for healing, compassion, and understanding”.

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