Summer Lessons Learned

The cooling air, the bright blue skies, the turning leaves, a quieter house, leads me to face the fact that summer is drawing to it’s beautiful close.

Today I want to celebrate the things I learned this summer. 

I learned that you can grate hard boiled eggs?  I kid you not.  They grate like a dream to make incredibly smooth egg salad….

I learned that Carvel blue ice cream cake frosting makes great make up!   Or so I found out at the twins 11 year old birthday party as one little friend caked it on her cheeks, lips, and eye lids…

I learned that when your 19 year old daughter is in love it’s a wonderful thing.  And when they are in love with someone who brings out the best in them and with someone that your whole family simply adores – it’s WIN WIN WIN! 

I learned that I couldn’t do most of the 6th grade summer math packet!

I learned that when I took TV and computers away from my kids as a punishment, after a sulky 5 minutes THEY had the best day ever!  They actually seemed ‘relieved’ that it was gone.  It’s just too hard for them to make that decision on their own and I need to do that more often for their own well being.

I learned that puppies like children cannot raise themselves without direction.  Our new puppy got lost in the chaos of summer and needs some urgent training.  She can still be found standing in the middle of the dining room table finishing up breakfast and it is entirely our fault for not finding time for her.

I am incredibly grateful for 12 fabulous weeks with my patient husband and incredible four girls.   Our house rang with laughter and music (they learned the ukelele and harmonica).  Our home was a constant mess.  It was way too noisy.  It was the best summer I can remember!

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