A Basket of Love from Healing Baskets for a Friend with Depression

Depression Basket Circle of FriendsDepression has many faces and a million disguises. It can be obvious to friends and family, or it can hide, silently beneath the surface. What are we to do when a friend seems to be struggling with more than a case of the blues or dealing with post-partum depression after the birth of a child? Well, there’s only one thing NOT to do, and that’s nothing. Why is that important to mention? Because in our fear of offending someone, or dread of crossing some invisible line of appropriate behavior, it’s easy to stand back and watch as a friend or loved one can fade before our very eyes.

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, over 14.8 million American adults will suffer a depressive illness this year. Multiply that by friends and family and there’s probably not one of us who isn’t personally touched by the sorrow, worry and fear of watching someone we love struggle to find their pathway back to a full life. So what are we to do? First, absolutely start a dialogue. Depression isn’t a mystery any longer, and the stigma is rapidly disappearing. Talking to our loved one and recommending professional help is probably the BEST contribution we can make.

Next? Well, that’s where it gets really tricky. How do we support someone if we’re completely lost for the right words? Thankfully, we don’t have to invent a new language to say, “I care about you.” A warm card sent every week or two, or a beautiful healing basket specifically created to support someone with depression or struggling with post-partum depression can speak volumes.

In fact, each item in the Circle of Friends Basket reminds the receiver that their literally in the loving embrace of the friend who sent it. And that is a very strong remedy any day of the week.


To your peace and joy, Caroline Cheshire
Founder of Healing Baskets, Inc.

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