Cheese – PERLEASE!

Cheese – PELEASE!  Did I ever tell you that Cheese is the reason I started Healing Baskets? I still remember the day when searching for a special sympathy gift I was encouraged to send a basket of cheese.  Someone somewhere thought that a basket full of cheddar and crackers would be just what was needed …

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It’s in the Quiet Times…..

As a hospice volunteer, things are slower. No phones ringing, no packages arriving, no deadlines being missed….. But I have to remind myself – sometimes it’s in the ‘quiet’ that you can make the greatest difference. I may only greet 10 people during my volunteer time. But that is touching 10 lives when they are absolutely at their most vulnerable.

The Thank You Note is Alive and Well – A 1-2-3 How-To from Healing Baskets

New clients and customers are the life blood of any business. We work hard at having a great business and providing wonderful products and services. Healing Baskets, an expert at thank you gifts, shares some great tips to keep YOUR new business honored and welcomed.