Grief, and a stranger’s words

After a loss, comes the day to day numbness.  The funeral is over.  The flowers have died.  The calls are getting fewer.  I look at the empty gift baskets and pile of stuff lying on the side that came in them.  Books!  I have no desire to read.  To ‘fix’ how I feel.  I know …

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Cheese – PERLEASE!

Cheese – PELEASE!  Did I ever tell you that Cheese is the reason I started Healing Baskets? I still remember the day when searching for a special sympathy gift I was encouraged to send a basket of cheese.  Someone somewhere thought that a basket full of cheddar and crackers would be just what was needed …

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The Loss of a Pet and How Healing Baskets can Help

We’re in a unique place when we hear that a friend lost a pet – we’re able to honor their sorrow even if they try to push it away or pretend they’re okay. At Healing Baskets, it’s a story we hear all the time — we feel privileged to help pet owners and friends to honor their loss with more patience — and more meaning. That’s what Healing Baskets is all about.