It’s in the Quiet Times…..

Tuesdays is my volunteer day.  I have been working at my local hospice for several months now.  Being someone who likes to ‘get things done’ and do as many things I can at the same time – I sometimes wonder if my time could be better spent.  I sit in our beautiful hospice facility from 9am – 12.00 and greet people visiting their loved ones who are in their last stages of life.  I share the front desk with big hearted ‘Hubert’.

It seems ‘slow’ compared to my fast moving life.  Four kids, running a company and being actively involved with my church and the school district.  No phones ringing, no packages arriving, no deadlines being missed…..  But I have to remind myself – sometimes it’s in the ‘quiet’ that you can make the greatest difference.  I may only greet 10 people during my volunteer time.  But that is touching 10 lives when they are absolutely at their most vulnerable.

I’ve been in their shoes, which is why I’m sitting at that desk.  And a simple smile, kind greeting, and escorting first time visitors to their loved ones room is probably good use of my time.  Sometimes I rearrange flowers.  Sometimes I handle the mail.  It’s like meditation.  I have to stop myself from thinking of the zillion things I could be doing.  I have to be happy in the here and now and remember always, it’s not quantity it’s quality.  Take a day to slooooooow down.  To hear, to see, to taste.  Because the best inner growth is really in the quiet times…..

To love and friendship,
Caroline Cheshire
Founder of Healing Baskets, Inc.

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