Military Hugs From Home Basket

It’s my job to pour my heart into every basket we create, here at Healing Baskets – even as the CEO of the company! Of all the baskets I’ve had the privilege to create, however, the Military Hugs From Home Basket is definitely one of my favorites.  Every loving piece of it – from the Home Baseball and Parlor Football games (which come in cute vintage tins with all the pieces, instructions and history of the game) – made in the USA, of course – to our signature finish, the Angel Blessing Charm (to remind your loved one of the friend who sent them the basket).  Every item in this basket says home. 

Home.  Home can be really far away for these brave men and women. But the bottom line, and what this basket really translates, is that HOME is where the HEART is. It is the love of a mom or a dad. It is the hug of a child. It is the thoughtfulness of a stranger who simply wants to say thank you. HOME is with each of them, right at that moment. And having a small role in carrying a tiny piece of home to a serviceman or woman far away, well that’s something that I cherish. 

To love and friendship and home,
Caroline Cheshire
Founder of Healing Baskets, Inc.

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PSS:  We’re also offering complimentary gift wrap to all military customers and their families.  When you check out, choose a container (which is usually around $20.00 including labor) and we will do that free of charge. Just enter FREEDOM in the comments section, and we will credit your card for the $20 within 24 hours.

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