The Thank You Note is Alive and Well – A 1-2-3 How-To from Healing Baskets

A Perfect New Customer Gift: The Namaste Basket
A Perfect New Customer Gift: The Namaste Basket

New clients and customers are the life blood of any business. We work hard at having a great business and providing wonderful products and services. And then we have to work just as hard at making sure people know we are here. So what are we to do when we get a new client or customer?  Or we lose an old valued client and customer?   

We work closely with all sorts of organizations.  From realty companies who want to thank customers for buying their house from them, to assisted living facilities where families have put their loved ones in the care of others.  Eventually one sad day their elderly relative will pass.  And what an opportunity to say thank you.  Thank you for letting our organization be the one that you trusted to care for your precious loved one.

The thought of saying thank you often results in an over thinking of the words.  You don’t have to write some profound piece of literature.  It’s not going to be framed (unless it’s REALLY good) it’s simply a personal note, and recognition of a service.  So we encouage…

1. Keep It Simple – The first rule of thank you is simple.  Express your sentiment clearly and make it personal.   

2. The Written Word is still King – Occasionally, be sure to take the time to WRITE a thank you – whether that be by mail or even by email. Nothing’s nicer than opening up the mail box (or starting one’s day in the inbox) by finding a beautiful thank you note. 

3. Yes, a Gift Basket Speaks Volumes – Yes, a thoughtful gift basket means a lot.  That’s not because I own a gift basket company – it’s because I design and MAKE gift baskets every day. I spend time on the phone with business owners listening to them carefully choose what might please THEIR clients. Knowing that a certain client likes poetry and building a basket around that theme – or learning that a client is ill and creating a basket that says, “I’m here for you, and that means more than just your business.” THOSE messages speak volumes.    No two people are the same and we try to accommodate that.

Of course I do think everyone should choose to use MY business – because we’ve worked very hard to make Healing Baskets a different experience from start to finish. One that embraces the people at both ends. However, whether you use Healing Baskets, or you hand write a card and drop it in the mail, remember rule number one. Don’t FORGET. Please and Thank You are the benchmarks of a solid operation.  Just like being a benchmark of solid parenting – remember when we were drilled?  In this hectic world it’s easy to forget the personal touches.  But the personal touches and what people enjoy.  Because people ARE our business.  They are what makes us stand out from the rest.

With my thanks and gratitude that you are reading my blog!

Caroline Cheshire
Founder of Healing Baskets, Inc.

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